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How far from a power source can you set up an inflatable?

the inflatable needs to be setup within 100ft of the power source.

How do I cancel? Is there a cancelation fee?

You can cancel through the website as long as its a week before your booking or you can call or message to cancel up to the day of your booking to cancel. There is no cancelation fee required. If you have already paid using stripe we will give you a full refund once we recieve the notifictaion of your cancellation. (it may take a day or two to process)

Do you require a deposit?

No we do not require a deposit. 

Do you provide hoses, tarps, and cords or is the customer responsible for those things?

We provide the hoses, tarps, and cords that are needed for the use of the inflatable. 

Does someone need to be present when the inflatable is delivered?

Possibly. We prefer to have someone present to give us access to an outlet for power and a spicket for water, and show us exactly where you would like it set up. We also have options when booking to wait and pay upon delivery and to sign the liability for before setup. However, if you know you wont be able to be there we can set up with no one present but we will need to message with you to get the liability form signed and some information on the location you would like it set up.

Where all do you deliver to?

We deliver anywhere  in Georgia. If you are within a 30 mile radius around Ashburn Ga we offer free delivery. For delivery addresses that are over 30 miles from ashburn we charge a delivery fee of $3.00 per mile outside of the 30 mile radius. However if you book multiple inflatables the delivery fee could be waved. Safest bet is to call or message us directly if you are outside our delivery zone.